BG's Grill
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About Us

Welcome to BG’S Grill!

Some 30 years ago the idea was to do what you loved!  I did what I loved for 20 years.  Now I am finally doing what I had told all my friends I was going to do, open a food truck and make a living out of it for myself and my family.  My family has grown quite a bit in the last seven years or so.  I felt like my place was to be at home more and with my family.  I was born and raised in Cincinnati and I went to Anderson High School.  After high school I attended Ohio University and graduated with a business degree.  I traveled the country doing construction management and was paid very well for doing that.  Finding new jobs grew tiresome, and after not really finding anything that I liked, I knew I needed to do what I loved.  I knew operating a business was always something for me, but just never found the guts to do it.  So here I am, willing to give the passion a try and let it be what defines me.  Cannot wait to get out and meet all kinds of people and begin a new chapter for myself and my family.  See you all very soon.